ComportSecure supports internal teams by taking on the responsibility of daily management and freeing up internal talent for more rewarding projects. Explore our infrastructure solutions below, including disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI), HPE Superdome Flex, and HPE Alletra.

How Managed Infrastructure Benefits Internal IT Teams

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture


Technology Expertise On-Demand

Infrastructure Solutions On the Rise

Next-Level Infrastructure with dHCI

dHCI is the AI-powered evolution of HCI, allowing decoupling of storage and compute to enable individual scalability tailored to business needs. HPE Nimble Infosight is the AI engine powering dHCI to quickly deploy, manage, and scale solutions. The introduction of intelligent dHCI enhances the potential of infrastructure to drive business value.

HPE Alletra Expands HPE GreenLake’s Capabilities

The migration to cloud storage is more manageable with HPE Alletra, a cloud-native data infrastructure. HPE Alletra allows teams to unify data operations and meet the demands of growing data volumes. It uses the popular HPE GreenLake platform for cloud operating and consumption, regardless of the user’s location.

Digital Transformation Made Possible with HPE Superdome Flex

Unlock the power of big data with HPE Superdome Flex. Managing growing volumes of data is critical for today’s businesses — and having the right systems to organize and analyze the data is key to success. Superdome Flex is a purpose-built platform for mission-critical availability. With on-premise or as-a-service options, Superdome Flex can handle the critical needs for increasing volumes of data.

HPE GreenLake Enables As-A-Service Capability

HPE GreenLake is an innovative release that can be paired with any infrastructure solution to unlock as-a-service capabilities. GreenLake allows companies to pay only for the services they use with flexible scalability tailored to any business need.


Discover the simplicity of Managed Infrastructure with ComportSecure. Contact us today to talk with a technologist about your infrastructure goals and learn more about whether Managed Infrastructure could be the solution to giving more time back to your team.

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