9 Ways HPE GreenLake Can Lower Costs and Benefit Businesses

The digital landscape changes rapidly, and businesses must be nimble and flexible to be successful. In order to adapt, many businesses are seeking out hybrid IT models that allow them to utilize both on-premise IT and cloud solutions.

Before selecting any one service, though, businesses and business owners want to know the benefits of potential services or solutions. HPE GreenLake is a scalable, consumption-based IT infrastructure service that aligns with business and capacity needs and has nine primary benefits that lead to cost savings and benefits for businesses.

Analyzing the Data

Over two years, multiple global companies across industries and locations were interviewed about the benefits they experienced from their utilization of GreenLake. Based on this information, a composite company was developed to best assess the cost savings and benefits associated with GreenLake.

This composite company was a global multi-billion-dollar company with operations across 100 countries. The company employs 400 IT professionals, with approximately 25 FTEs going toward managing infrastructure. Each company included in the composite experienced multiple quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits with HPE GreenLake.

GreenLake Has Almost 150% ROI

For a global, multi-billion-dollar organization, the return on investment (ROI) of GreenLake is expected to be 147% over three years, with a payback on the initial investment occurring within one year of full implementation. This ROI comes from a number of cost savings and benefits across the investment lifecycle.


Business-Wide Cost Savings

Each of the businesses included in the composite company experienced wide-ranging benefits in areas like total costs of operations and outside contractor and service fees. These benefits have been quantified in time and costs saved over three years.

  • Lower Time-to-Market by 75%: With consumption-based IT, companies have additional capacity available to them as needed, which can improve project efficiency by improving scalability and reducing procurement costs.
  • Reduced Historic TCO by 40%: When businesses reduce the costs associated with overprovisioning and technology refreshes, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced when compared to historical costs.
  • Saved Costs of Professional Services and Contractors by 60%: Replacing legacy infrastructure reduces the costs of maintenance and the superior quality of HPE support reduces the costs of outside services and fees.
  • Improved IT Productivity by 40%: HPE GreenLake takes on a portion of the managerial work of organizational IT resources, freeing them up to contribute to strategic business initiatives.

Additional Business Benefits

In addition to the quantifiable economic benefits of HPE GreenLake, there are added benefits that each business experiences differently based on its industry and location. Many of these benefits can have a domino effect, improving business performance.

  • Increased Business Productivity: With the added support from GreenLake, businesses experience fewer outages and improved performance.
  • Latest Hardware: GreenLake provides businesses with access to the most up-to-date technology at no added cost and with no downtime, which increases performance.
  • Increased Reliability and Transparency: As demands grow and workloads change, reliability and transparency improve resource allocation and improve organizational processes.
  • Improved Security: The proactive management of on-premise resources ensures security systems are up-to-date and risks are addressed as they arise.
  • Increased Flexibility: With the managerial burden of infrastructure maintenance lifted by GreenLake, IT professionals explore alternative initiatives, including potentially profitable opportunities. Consumption and infrastructure are also standardized more easily, allowing for more flexibility in forecasting.

Find Out How GreenLake Can Benefit Your Business

HPE GreenLake is a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure service that improves alignment between business needs and services. With GreenLake, your business will experience cost savings and benefits across your IT infrastructure.

Test drive HPE GreenLake in a real production environment before you invest to get a sense of the features and benefits that will best suit your needs.

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