Your Traditional Infrastructure is Holding You Back. Here’s How Consumption-Based IT Models Can Help.

In the days of unlimited storage, lightning network speed and instant scalability, there’s a monumental hurdle CIOs are hanging on to: their legacy IT systems.

For leaders who operate with on-premises enterprise-level IT systems, the pain points of these traditional infrastructures are all too real:

  • All or nothing solutions
  • Low interoperability between information systems
  • Paying an arm and a leg for rip and replace solutions

The reality is that today’s business needs have evolved beyond the capability of these legacy systems.

By 2021, more than 35% of enterprise IT operations spend will be consumption-based to align the necessary complexity with manageable costs.1 HPE GreenLake is a perfect example of this new wave of consumption-based IT.

Here’s how HPE GreenLake moves CIOs past common hurdles of traditional IT.

Weighing Traditional IT Systems versus Consumption-Based Models


Consumption-Based IT Models

All or nothing solution offerings typically require CIOs to pay for more than their business requires. (Say hello to overprovisioning.) After all, companies can’t operate on too little storage, so the only option is to pay for more than what’s needed today to prepare for growth in the future.




The option to pick and choose which service offerings companies need is a key differentiator of consumption-based models. HPE GreenLake offers a range of workloads as a service including:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Private Cloud
  • Data Management

Best of all you only pay for what you use.

Siloed on- and off-premise IT infrastructure limits the ability for a business to stay agile so it can scale and operate at speed.


HPE GreenLake consolidates workloads into one model for quick and easy adaptability that is streamlined through a single vendor. Plus, all of HPE GreenLake’s solutions are backed with Comport’s technical expertise for implementation, customization and maintenance.
Current IT systems set limits to potential growth because they aren’t able to adapt to today’s tech needs as quickly as companies require.


HPE GreenLake offers an agile IT infrastructure that allows companies to scale their uses of solutions and services as business demands it. (Say goodbye to overprovisioning!) The on-demand nature of cloud services ensures organizations can scale and deploy in an instant.
Thirty-three percent of IT decision-makers indicate cost is the number one barrier to their company pursuing an ideal IT infrastructure. Cost is closely followed by time-to-value, with 25% of IT leaders listing it as the second most influential obstacle.2 Consumption-based models give companies control in light of rising infrastructure complexities and help them gain a predictable cost for their managed cloud environments. In addition, HPE GreenLake provides reduced time-to-value since consumption-based IT delivers returns at the point of use.

Today’s businesses demand more from their IT than what legacy IT infrastructure can provide. Consumption-based models offer cloud-like flexibility and instant scaling, backed with the technical support needed to make your business goals a reality.

HPE GreenLake offers pay-per-use metering, unification of data and apps, and controlled costs, making it a flexible solution for enterprise IT teams. For more information on how your business can benefit from modern IT solutions, test drive HPE GreenLake today.

  1. Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2019 Predictions
  2. Source: IDC’s Cloud and AI Adoption Survey, January 2018

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