Aruba’s Solutions for Remote and Scalable Management of Work From Home Offices

The COVID-19 pandemic has created steep challenges for IT teams as they are now expected to provide work from home options for their end users. In addition, they have the added complexity of needing to manage these new technologies remotely. Creating a work from home environment that keeps your end users productive while allowing your it team to stay out of harm’s way can be made easier with Aruba’s solutions. With powerful cloud, mobility, management and security solutions, more and more businesses are turning away from traditional strategies and encompassing digital transformation (earlier than planned in many cases). Let’s take a look at some of the Aruba solutions that may help your remote office strategy.

1. Aruba Central – Cloud Management

What is Aruba Central? Put simply, Aruba Central provides central management for all-in-one LAN, WLAN, VPN, and SD-WAN operations across remote, campus, branch, and data center locations. COVID creates a challenge of not only wanting to keep your employees safe but also needing to limit your technology team’s time in the field. Aruba Central gives you more options for maintaining networking visibility and managing vital networking services at your headquarters, branch, and remote offices so you don’t need to send your team into the office or field.

The Wi-Fi is down. The Wi-Fi isn’t working!” These are phrases every IT team is all too familiar with. What may seem like a simple network issue to the end-user may not be so simple when an experienced eye is looking at the problem. Perhaps it’s an RF issue, a connectivity complication, or a number of other factors. Regardless of the actual issue, something that’s indisputable is that time is precious and companies simply cannot afford to have extended downtime periods.

This is why it’s so imperative to have a solution that proactively assists IT teams to quickly identify the problem, troubleshoot application glitches, and allow client behavior monitoring. What does Aruba have in its suite of wireless solutions for such a situation? Aruba Central.

What’s great about Aruba Central is that it performs all these tasks automatically in a cost-effective way, freeing your IT personnel to focus on patching vulnerabilities on other fronts. One of the reasons Aruba Central has become so pertinent during these COVID times is that it gives IT teams visuals and end-user experience information which can all serve to improve the experience of employees working remotely.

Have you ever wished you could prevent network and connectivity problems before they happened? With Aruba Central, IT teams can set thresholds and alerts to serve as notification systems highlighting potential issues before they escalate. The visuals provided in Aruba Central’s dashboard allows IT teams, to view problems reported by employees with the live monitoring function and determine issues faster.

2. Aruba ClearPass – Network Security

With your employees working from home, ensuring that networks are secure and efficient is one of the major challenges most companies are facing. With so many devices connecting to the internal network, IT teams need better technology to help them scan and monitor these connected elements so they can know when a new device is connected, what type of device is connecting, and where it is connecting from in order to secure each and every one of them. So, what’s a business to do? Enter Aruba ClearPass Device Insight.

Specifically, Aruba ClearPass Device Insight is designed to help discover and profile each and every device – wired or wireless – that’s joining the network. The goal is to deliver full-spectrum visibility of individual devices so that vulnerabilities can be patched and cyberattacks mitigated. And what of hard-to-detect devices, how will they be addressed? Deep packet-inspection provides IT teams with context and behavioral information to accurately identify these devices and threats tied to them.

IT teams also have recourse to leverage Aruba’s cloud architecture which functions like a crowdsourcing platform collecting device fingerprints something that can help teams keep pace with the constant advancement of IoT devices. Aruba ClearPass truly promotes true device compliance and security.

3. Managed IT Solutions for Your Network

In today’s “Covid World” businesses continue to need increasingly complex network solutions to support their end users. In addition, nefarious cyber criminals are trying to take advantage of the unrest. Managing both end user needs and the continual security threats is taxing IT teams. With these challenges in mind, many organizations are choosing to work with service providers that can maintain a secure, reliable network to support their end users so they can focus on the needs of their business. As a top Aruba Solutions Partner, ComportSecure can work with your organization to determine your requirements and act like a team of experts at your fingertips, so you can focus on your business.

4. HPE GreenLake for Aruba – As a Service Solutions

Did you know that IT teams spend as much as 70% of their time trying to fix network issues? With increased cyber threats, your Chief Information Officers (CIOs) could use a little help in securing networks, particularly now when most of your employees are operating from home. If you need a cloud option that is compliant, scalable, and fast say hello to Aruba’s HPE GreenLake, a network as a service solution.

Why should you consider adopting HPE GreenLake for Network as a Service?

  • Cut back on the time it takes to deploy global IT projects by as much as 65%
  • Reduce IT workload with our expert team and data-driven automation
  • Stretch your budget with predictable subscription payments
  • Avoid network issues with advanced prep for needed service expansions and simplified renewals

We’re committed to helping your employees stay productive and work safely no matter where they are. Our teams will work with yours to determine your needs and find technology solutions that map to these needs. Reach out to Comport to refine your digital strategy in the wake of this pandemic and ensure your digital strategy is in sync with your corporate needs.

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