IDC Report: The Stats that Back the Productivity Boost of HPE Nimble

When selecting an enterprise storage solution, it’s important to understand the impact each potential system will have on productivity and agility. These factors can determine whether a given solution delivers a desirable return on investment. HPE Nimble Storage goes above and beyond with both parameters. The result? Minimal downtime, a greater focus on innovation, and a much-needed leg up on the competition.

The value of HPE Nimble Storage is immediately evident in a recently published International Data Corporation (IDC) report, which highlights the role this advanced storage solution has played in running enterprise workloads for nine noteworthy organizations.

Upon collecting extensive data from participating businesses from a 2020 IDC research study and applying these findings to the IDC Business Value model, researchers revealed that the organizations involved in the study “realized significant value” to the tune of an average annual $3.06 million per business. The result? A seven-month payback and an astounding five-year ROI of 487 percent.

Key takeaways from the IDC’s latest report on HPE Nimble Storage are highlighted in detail below:

Improved Productivity Among IT Staff

Perhaps the greatest benefit of HPE Nimble Storage at the enterprise level lies in the significant productivity improvements this system enables among IT staff members. Equipped with HPE Nimble Storage, staff can spend considerably less time tending to the deployment and management of storage resources. Such time savings are worth an estimated $2,105,000 per organization or $7,500 per terabyte.

Enhanced User Productivity

In addition to improving efficiency within IT departments, HPE Nimble Storage can boost productivity for end users. Such improvements can be attributed to reductions in unplanned outages, which can be devastating for end-user applications. Enterprises using HPE Nimble Storage were able to reduce unplanned downtime by 69 percent. IDC values the resulting gains in user productivity at an average $721,000 per organization or $2,600 per terabyte.

Reduced Costs for IT Infrastructure

Today’s IT infrastructure needs to support huge increases in demand, many of which stem from the rise of the remote workforce. Extreme shifts in network demand can lead to a phenomenon known as the “noisy neighbor” effect, in which a specific application uses the bulk of available resources, leaving all others with shared infrastructure to compete for what’s left.

IT infrastructure issues are less prominent for organizations with HPE Nimble Storage arrays, as solutions such as compression and deduplication make it possible to use existing storage space more efficiently. Under this approach, storage infrastructure teams no longer need to focus on “keeping the light on.” Rather, they can shift to more innovation-oriented activities as the provisioning of new storage is completed on demand. In addition, HPE Nimble’s storage class memory brings unparalleled performance to enterprise storage solutions.

This adjustment can be seen in figures gathered by IDC, which reveal that, when using HPE Nimble Storage, teams were able to dedicate 75 percent more time to projects involving innovation. Meanwhile, these teams saw an average reduction of 36 percent in time spent on the routine tasks traditionally needed to keep storage solutions running optimally.

Better Capacity Utilization

Capacity utilization rates represent a significant barrier for many enterprises struggling with storage management. HPE Nimble Storage addresses this concern with thin provisioning and other cutting-edge solutions. As a result, companies with HPE Nimble Storage were able to boost usable terabytes by 62 percent while also reducing utilization rates by 12 percent.

Agility for Deploying Storage Arrays

Without the right solution, array deployment can eat up valuable time and effort. HPE Nimble Storage avoids this problem by improving simplicity and agility. As such, companies interviewed by IDC reported a 59 percent faster deployment of new storage arrays. Similar improvements were observed with upgrades, with the time required for this process reduced, on average, by a remarkable 80 percent.

Meeting Application Development Goals

Due to greater productivity and more time to focus on innovation, the organizations that have adopted HPE Nimble Storage have seen improvements in their ability to deploy new applications. These advantages can be viewed by looking at the application development life cycle’s key progress indicators (KPIs). Enterprises making use of HPE Nimble Storage were able to deploy 25 percent more new features, even as the development cycle was shortened by an average of 20 percent.

The statistics from IDC speak for themselves: HPE Nimble Storage promotes significant cost savings for IT departments and end users alike. This, in turn, promotes an impressive ROI, as well as the ability to break-even on storage solution investments in a mere seven months. If IDC’s report is any indication, HPE Nimble Storage provides a world of opportunity for enterprises on the hunt for a competitive edge.

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