Storage Class Memory Boosts Nimble Performance 2X

When it comes to flash storage arrays, HPE’s award-winning Nimble data storage solutions are top-rated. Nimble storage provides reliable, cloud-based flash storage designed to be very easy to manage. Users also love Nimble’s white glove support; 90% of the time you avoid a call because its AI has already predicted and addressed an issue. If you do contact technical support, your call is directly picked up in less than a minute by a Level 3 technical support engineer with deep expertise in storage, servers, OSS, hypervisors, and applications.

Now storage class memory cache will be added. This new development almost doubles the performance of the Nimble Storage Platform.

Same Price, Faster Response with Storage Class Memory

If you’re a current or prospective HPE Nimble user, what can you anticipate in this update? For starters, the response times in the AF60 and AF80 all-flash arrays are now twice-as-fast as before and latency is now on average 250 microseconds.

Secondly, there will be no price increase for these upgrades. That’s a good thing considering the current economic climate. Users of the AF60 and AF80 platforms will be happy to hear about this beneficial decision by HPE.

4 Reasons Why an Increase in Storage Class Memory is Important

Why is Nimble’s increase in storage-class memory important? And what does it truly mean for end-users, both current and future?

1. Paves the way for efficient data management

According to the World Economic Forum, we are generating so much data that the terms kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte will be antiquated by year-end. By the end of 2020 the size of the internet will be 44 zettabytes. Creating more efficient storage for HPE Nimble helps handle a whole lot more of your data.

2. Doubly secures against data loss

Power outages across the country are on the rise with one in four businesses experiencing such a disturbance at least once every month. According to, these blackouts are costing the U.S. economy $150 billion each year. Companies need to step up efforts to prevent data loss in the wake of such events. Storage class memory is one way to mitigate data loss.

3. Improves Nimble storage performance

Organizations of all sizes have enormous workloads that strain your infrastructure and create a demand for memory that can slow down performance of the entire system. Looking at this issue, HPE decided to boost performance by increasing storage class memory. But how exactly does this speed up performance?

The inherent structure of storage class memory is such that there is less data movement between memory and storage, which results in improved application performance. Because storage class memory is ideal for workloads that need high reliability, moderate latency, and peak performance it is well-suited for general compute, databases and analytics.

4. Lowers storage costs

How much does data storage cost these days? According to ESG and Forrester Research, figures for the annual cost per usable terabyte range anywhere from $4,025 to $9,555. These findings corroborate the conclusion from a study conducted by Tech Pro Research which highlighted that a chief problem for most companies is the cost of storing continually growing data.

It’s clear to see that storing data in a safe and secure manner doesn’t come cheap. In today’s world where colossal amounts of data are generated and stored in a manner that protects against threats and intrusions, businesses find themselves cutting into their IT budgets to meet storage requirements. By increasing storage class memory, HPE lowered data storage costs.

How to Get Started with HPE Nimble Storage

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