HPE Nimble Storage As A Service

HPE Nimble Unleashes The Freedom of Flexibility with Corporate Storage

Easily scale storage with HPE Nimble Storage-as-a-Service

Storage-as-a-Service Hosted On-Premises or in the Cloud

Get up and running with HPE Nimble’s top-tier technology in as little as 15 minutes!

What is HPE Nimble?

Bring flexibility to corporate storage with HPE Nimble. This intelligently simple storage solution is delivered as-a-service both on-premises or in the cloud. HPE Nimble’s predictive AI powered by HPE InfoSight prevents 86% of problems from occurring for continuously smooth operations. It’s also the first enterprise storage solution to offer a 6-nines guarantee with 99.9999% of measured data availability. Discover the freedom of an agile corporate storage strategy that adapts with businesses by exploring HPE Nimble.

Enterprise Flash Storage
Nimble Storage

Storage-as-a-Service with HPE Nimble + GreenLake

Fast provisioning, on-call support, and top-tier technology—all delivered at a predictable monthly cost. HPE Nimble Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) unleashes the freedom IT teams need to focus on initiatives that drive business growth. No more managing updates and maintaining technology. HPE Nimble plus HPE GreenLake create STaaS options that give businesses reliable data availability and an adaptable storage strategy. HPE Nimble is so simple that most organizations can get up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

Simplify Hyperconverged Infrastructure with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI builds on the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with its incredibly simple and resilient design. Nimble dHCI allows businesses to independently scale compute and storage as needed, offering 99.9999% measured data availability and sub-ms low latency. Businesses can better manage workloads with unpredictable growth, as well as support future apps and consolidation that require different amounts of compute or storage power—all without disrupting the rest of the environment.

Flash Storage
Nimble Storage Array

HPE InfoSight Powers HPE Nimble with Predictive AI To Resolve Issues

HPE InfoSight provides the predictive analytics behind HPE Nimble that transform the model for corporate storage management. InfoSight resolves 86% of potential issues before they become a problem that can cause downtime. If the need arises to contact technical support, a level 3 technical support engineer with deep expertise in storage, servers, OSS, hypervisors, and applications will answer the call in less than a minute.


Nimble Staas

5 Reasons to Love HPE Nimble Storage-as-a-Service

Learn how HPE Nimble and HPE GreenLake pair to offer Storage-as-a-Service to help businesses scale.

HPE Infosight Video

Intelligently Simple Hyperconverged Infrastructure with HPE Nimble dHCI

Discover how HPE Nimble’s incredibly resilient design extends hyperconverged benefits even further.

Infosight HPE

Webinar: Storage as a Service Means Freedom

Comport’s webinar on Storage as a Service shows how partnering with a managed IT services provider to store data allows organizations to simplify management.

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