End User Computing

Enhance Productivity and Security with Modern End User Computing Solutions

Deliver the performance your users demand, while maintaining your IT department’s requirements for centralized management, security, and compliance.

Gain a Competitive Edge With Your End User Strategy

IT departments play a pivotal role in creating the right environment – on both mobile and desktop –  for increased organizational productivity, engagement, and profits. To deliver the best in productivity for end users means a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  2. Endpoint Management
  3. Application Delivery

Modern Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Over the past few years, VDI has changed significantly – for the better:

  • GPU technology like Nvidia, for example, is allowing a much better user experience even when large graphic programs are involved.
  • The cost of initial investment has come down, and ongoing costs compared to legacy systems tends to be lower.
  • The technology is becoming a powerful barrier to cybercrime.

Already have Citrix VDI? Consider an assessment to review the performance of your XenApp / XenDesktop infrastructure.

Endpoint Management

As organizations grow, their IT assets expand as well. What was once an easy job, becomes time consuming and complicated.

Here’s how Comport simplifies your endpoint management:

  • automated workflows
  • asset management
  • over-the-air configurations for mobile assets

Application Delivery

With applications taking a step forward in the importance of your business, having access when and where you need it is paramount.

Comport can help manage your environment, creating an internal deployment and admittance strategy.



Learn What's New In Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Comport’s Chief Technology Officer, Erik Krucker, explains how new technology in VDI can be a big problem solver. 

End User Computing Security

Do You Have These End User Computing Security Vulnerabilities?

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. Find out which vulnerabilities could compromise your end user environment.

Nvidia Virtual GPU

Nvidia's Virtual GPU Technology Is Transforming VDI

Nvidia’s virtual GPU meets the performance needs of heavy-hitting graphics in today’s apps.

Ready to Increase User Productivity, Enhance Security, and Lower Costs?

Find out how Comport can help your business gain a new competitive edge with modern end user computing solutions.

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