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Create A Secure, Simplified End User Experience with VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enables end users to work from anywhere

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Empowers Mobile Workforces

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure rapidly deploys personalized workspaces for end users. With big shifts happening in the workplace, VDI Solutions can help organizations deliver better, higher-performance options for their remote users, from one central location. Explore the benefits of traditional VDI or desktop as a service!

Why VDI?

An unexpected pandemic has forced many organizations to provide work from home access for their employees. Unfortunately, this has introduced new security issues with end users often working on unsecured networks and personal devices. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure gives your remote employees the ability to access the documents and applications they need to do their job. By providing a centrally managed, secure gateway, your company’s data is encrypted and delivered securely. In turn, employees can work when and where they need, often increasing productivity. 

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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI is a desktop virtualization technology that allows an operating system such as Microsoft Windows to run from your central data center location. With virtual desktop infrastructure, the desktop computing takes place on the host server rather than the end point. Because the data is housed in the data center, end point breaches and/or loss are limited. Finally, if your desktops are standardized, it eliminates the need for one off upgrades and patches so your team can focus on innovation. 

Top Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Simplify IT Management: VDI allows you to manage everything on end user devices from one central location. New application versions and patches are simply added to a central desktop image, no more wasted time!

  • Support Remote Workers: The  number of remote workers has grown 140% since 2005, add in the pandemic and this number magnifies significantly. VDI allows you to offer desktop solutions to your employees when and where they need it. 

  • Gain Control: Virtual desktop infrastructure allows new users to be added or removed with a simple click. Gain control of application usage and versioning. Don’t pay for extra usage or stay open to unauthorized threats. 
  • Built In Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: VDI Providers can help you determine what strategy is best for your data however, there are some built in protections. Because VDI stores master images of your systems and applications combined with end user profiles, any compromised desktops can be wiped and replaced in minutes. Additionally, since the data itself is encrypted, it is useless to attackers.

  • Cost Control: VDI lets you take advantage of the compute power from the data center so your individual desktops and laptops don’t need the extra compute or storage space. You can also save costs by relying on managed data centers to store your data instead of expensive servers. Also, because you are managing everything from a central location, you can save manhours and improve end user satisfaction.


Tipping Point

The rise of mobility has businesses rethinking their end user computing strategy and taking a new look at VDI.


Security and patient care are two
key pain points Healthcare VDI
can help alleviate.  


Keep up with graphic intensive applications with NVIDIA’s Virtual GPU. Keep your end users happy!

Ready To Create a Better End User Experience?

Transform your mobile infrastructure with virtual desktop infrastructure. 
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