Cohesity Partner for Flexible Data Management

Comport’s in-house technologists use Cohesity to improve data management

Cohesity Partner, Comport Helps Businesses Effectively Manage Data

Mass data fragmentation limits the utility of the information. From data consultation and scaling to third-party integration, Cohesity’s global data management platform ensures your data can be used more effectively. As a Cohesity Rising Star Partner of the Year partner, Comport provides a partner-focused perspective on how Cohesity can improve your data management.

Outdated methods of data management leave your information at risk. Comport utilizes Cohesity to improve data management practices, allowing data to generate strategic value for your company. See how your data can work better for you with Cohesity and Comport.

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Consolidate Data into One Platform

Disjointed data infrastructure prevents effective backup and recovery, putting information at risk. Cohesity reduces silos in data and infrastructure by integrating backup software, target storage, servers, cloud gateways, search indexing, data classification, and more. Using Cohesity allows organizations to have reliable backups and information to flow freely.


Integrate with Third-Party Applications

Cohesity offers seamless integration with third-party applications like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This innovative approach to data management allows businesses to gather insights, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, archive data, and optimize the overall data management strategy.

Utilize Scalable Data Infrastructure

Insufficient data architecture can limit businesses and prevent growth. Cohesity offers a non-disruptive scale-out architecture to allow for seamless expansion of capacity and updates to software. Flexible management allows your business to grow how and when you want, without downtime.


Reduce the Risk of Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are an increasing concern for companies, especially as the cloud becomes a core strategy. Cohesity uses a comprehensive Zero Trust Security model to defend against ransomware attacks. It relies on multiple security features like built-in AI, multi-factor authentication and an immutable file system, so your data is protected and less at-risk.

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