A Study of the Financial Payback of HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble is the latest storage solution making headlines because of its 99.9999% data availability and Infosight-powered AI for predictive analytics. Setting features aside, how does implementing HPE Nimble affect the financial aspect of businesses? Let’s discuss.

HPE Nimble storage offers productivity benefits such as more efficient storage staff, and less time spent keeping the lights on. These productivity benefits paired with the financial ones listed below are what earned Nimble a 9.1 rating on TrustRadius.

Tangible Financial Benefits of HPE Nimble Storage

In recent years, businesses have had to adapt to accommodate expansive growth in data. Developing a better data management strategy is no longer a ‘wish to have’ but a ‘must have.’ Research by IDC showed that two-thirds of businesses will refresh their storage solution over the next two years as they make a concerted effort toward digital transformation (DX). Cost is a top factor as IT leaders consider how DX will play out in their business.

The scalable design of HPE Nimble Storage couldn’t have come at a better time.

4 Stats that Prove the Financial Benefits of HPE Nimble Storage

1. Enterprises that use HPE Nimble Storage reduced their total cost of operations by 49%.

The IDC report reviewed three factors that affect cost:

  • Lost productivity and unplanned downtime
  • Cost of IT staff management
  • Overall capex and opex costs for platforms

The report showed that over five years, companies averaged 49% lower for the total cost of operations after implementing HPE Nimble Storage. The cost variable that saw the most potential for savings was IT staff, followed by lost productivity and then overall platform cost.

2. On average the payback period for investing in HPE Nimble is seven months.

Companies break even on their investment in HPE Nimble in just seven months. This fast payback makes the case for HPE Nimble clearer: an intelligently simple enterprise storage solution for companies that want to achieve cost savings without sacrificing performance.

3. Businesses saw the potential for an estimated 487% ROI after five years. 

Five years after upgrading to HPE Nimble, companies achieve an average of 487% return on investment. HPE Nimble unleashes staff productivity, enhancing agility, and minimizing unplanned downtime.

5 year cost of operations

4. Companies achieved average annual benefits of $3.06 million per organization.

IDC reported that over the course of five years, HPE Nimble saves companies an average of $3.06 million annually. The bulk of this savings comes from IT staff productivity gains because HPE Nimble requires less hands-on maintenance, so IT teams can shift efforts from checking the boxes on routine tasks to thinking strategically about supporting the business.

The financial benefits of HPE Nimble make it an attainable solution for businesses looking to refresh their storage. HPE Nimble can even pair with HPE GreenLake to create a Storage-as-a-Service model that allows the ultimate flexibility in capacity and service.

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