How Consumption-Based IT from HPE GreenLake Helps Lock Down Security & Compliance

Most enterprises today have implemented a variety of measures to prevent, identify and contain cybersecurity threats. Despite these efforts, organizations often have IT infrastructure with security gaps that allow cyber criminals to take advantage. HPE GreenLake provides on-premises, or hosted hybrid cloud, capabilities that modernize IT, providing financial benefits and management services, all while modernizing your security profile.

Filling the Skills Gaps Fills the Security Gaps

A gap between the security skills an organization needs and the resources they have in-house is very common. HPE GreenLake’s consumption based IT helps close this gap.

For example, while we know that regular patching and updating minimizes risk, it’s often a low priority for IT teams due to the time it takes to perform updates, not wanting to interrupt systems and fears that the update will mess something up. HPE GreenLake comes with Management Services to perform these updates and offload recurring tasks – saving your IT team for other projects while ensuring peace of mind.

With 23,000 global experts, GreenLake takes on additional heavy lifting with comprehensive monitoring, operations, administration, optimization, and nearly continuous improvement across your infrastructures. With a partner like this, think of all the possibilities to improve your business.

Chip-Level Security for Servers and Storage

With HPE GreenLake consumption-based IT, you immediately modernize your IT infrastructure, which also brings security benefits. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, the potential for BIOS or other firmware attacks is growing.” HPE claims to have the World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers. Let’s review these built-in security features found in all HPE Gen 10 (and above) Servers that can protect your core workloads:

  • An HPE exclusive security protection, “silicon root of trust,” is built into ProLiant and the other Gen 10 servers. The server firmware is finger-printed to the iLO 5 silicon in a bond that cannot be broken. In this way, previously undetectable or compromised firmware and malware is identified, ensuring that the servers do not execute/boot with compromised code. This is only possible because HPE makes both its own silicon chips and firmware. Ask your insurer for possible cybersecurity discounts with Silicon Root of Trust.
    Here’s a great resource for more information: Protect from attacks with HPE Gen10’s Silicon Root of Trust, Secure Compute Lifecycle, and iLO5
  • If a breach is detected, you automatically and securely recover your firmware to a previously known good state. This function is provided through the HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition License.
  • HPE has a pure supply chain, sourcing components from members of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) to reduce the risk of counterfeit materials, malicious software, or unknown embedded code in its products. HPE lowers security risks further by developing its BIOS, management firmware, and ASICs in-house; the same is not the case for competition.

GreenLake Upgrades Storage Security

Storage solutions are no longer meant to simply store data. Today’s storage solutions need to be intelligent and provide data protection or they are considered antiquated. HPE has combined both security and intelligence into their AI engine, HPE Infosight, across most of the storage (and compute) product lines. With your GreenLake storage environment, you experience improved automated application uptime and the security features of Infosight:

  • Built in encryption ensures that sensitive data remains safe.
  • InfoSight can create alerts for problematic login attempts or unusual activity – no surprises months down the road.
  • InfoSight’s analytics and machine learning predict and automatically resolve 86% of problems, even problems unrelated to storage. And it’s free.

Protecting your business and reducing the financial impact of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents starts with a good foundation. Built-in security for your storage and compute infrastructure is an important step to reduce your organization’s attack surface. HPE GreenLake is built on HPE’s own secure technology and is supported by continual updates that most IT teams can’t make reliably on their own.

HPE GreenLake’s Continuous Compliance Engine

One of the reasons organizations may hold certain workloads back from the cloud is managing compliance. The HPE GreenLake Continuous Compliance monitoring service automates comprehensive, ongoing evaluation of your compliance, governance, and regulatory status by risk tiers. You leverage documented processes derived from hundreds of cloud transitions spanning regulated industries such as healthcare, banking, energy and more. Let’s take a quick look at the security benefits of the Continuous Compliance Engine:

  • Perhaps one of the most important features is the monitoring and alerting capabilities. The compliance engine shows you where and the statute(s) that is out of compliance. This helps address issues faster and provides the data to stay in compliance.
  • The Compliance Engine also provides an easy way to view this information via executive and operational dashboards. This reduces the time your teams spend and reduces the time and expense of audits.
  • Comport can provide access to HPE subject matter experts who can provide information specific to your situation and examine and remediate issues without the high costs of compliance consultants.

Is HPE GreenLake Right for Your Business?

Cybersecurity has been an unavoidable business expense for decades. GreenLake provides the people, processes and HPE technology to identify and mitigate constantly evolving security risks. Comport’s expertise in data and infrastructure security combined with the HPE GreenLake platform and consumption-based IT approach provides your company with a strong security and compliance foundation along with modernization and financial benefits.

With the lowest cost per workload, HPE GreenLake can be customized to meet your business needs. See the benefits for yourself with a tailored trial of HPE GreenLake.

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